Wednesday, February 10, 2010

February 10, 2010--231 Pounds

Weight was 231 this morning after a less than successful day. Not that yesterday was a bad day, it just wasn't the kind of day that would make anyone think that I'm dieting. Maybe they would think I was eating reasonably, but no one would have viewed my intake yesterday as dieting.

Reasonable days aren't automatically bad. I'm meeting some friends tonight for a few drinks, a thing we try to do once a week, and that will prevent today from being a great day. It will be a good day or at least a reasonable day with some planning and willpower. Dieting doesn't mean living the life of a monk or nun for the next few months, hidden away from the world and doing penitence for our sins. However, on days like Tuesday when there was nothing special on the calendar, it's important that those days become really good diet days. Yesterday wasn't a bad day, just a missed opportunity for making a little progress on the diet.

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