Monday, February 8, 2010


First, let's talk about you. There's no hit counter or tracking set up on this blog. If you are reading this, I won't know it unless you leave a comment somewhere. That way you can stay anonymous if you prefer and I can imagine that the blog has numerous readers. It's a win-win.

Here's a quick summary of my weight history. I'm a single male in my late 50's. My weight was 236 pounds today, the highest I've ever been in my life, and far too much for my height of about 5'11". My childhood was one of obesity, my 20's and mid-30's were years of activity and a weight that stayed in the mid-160's. As I approached my 40's, the activity slowed down, the weight inched up, and here we are today with a serious weight problem.

The good news is that I've avoided the various ailments that often come with obesity and aging--heart problems, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer--these are all things where the risks go up for the obese person. I've avoided these ailments so far. My good fortune won't last forever and the door of opportunity to work on avoiding these diseases is rapidly closing. Something has to be done in the near term or serious consequences will soon hit me.

Last thing. I've been blogging about trying to lose weight for almost 4 years. The blogging started when my weight reached 230 pounds and within a half year my weight was down to 190. Then I got lax and the weight hit 200. Then 210--215--220, and here we are at 236. That old blog has been dropped, partially because of the need for a new start, and mostly because my friends knew that blog address. No one will know this new address and that will allow me to be 100% honest with myself without worrying about what anyone else thinks.

So if anyone is actually reading this and you too are ready to shed some of your excessive baggage, come on aboard. Feel free to just read or to read and comment. We can do this and the payoff will be well worth the effort. Let's loss some weight this year.

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