Thursday, February 25, 2010

February 25, 2010--Dieting Scorecard (227.5 lbs)

Morning Weight: 227.5 pounds (see Note below)
Diet Goal: 225 pounds (4.5 pounds lost, 2.5 pounds to go)

6:00--walked 45 minutes
6:50--260 calories
10:00--100 calories
12:00--600 calories
3:00--250 calories
6:00--320 calories
11:30--320 calories

Daily total = 1,850 calories

Note: Still going in the wrong direction. Some of that is eating later in the evening. Some is due to getting up this morning at 4 and drinking half a soda before weighing. Some is my body trying to adjust back after that big loss at the start. It's not disappointing or discouraging. It's simply a very small part of the big picture. Much more important than my actual weight is my behavior. Consistently walking for 45 minutes each day and consistently making a significant reduction in my caloric intake--that's the important thing and it is becoming habitual behavior. I'm on the right track and it will lead me to the right results.

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